“Hannah has improved in so many ways. She is sitting herself up easily using her hands. She will hold and release objects, particularly with her right hand, and her eye contact is now really good. She will consistently track people and objects around the room.  Hannah seems much brighter when she is at Footsteps, she smiles at people” Melanie

“Emily has improved so much. She is much stronger, confident, learning new exercises to continue at home. She has become more motivated to do the exercises suggested by the physio’s. She has also become more confident in herself because she believes she can do it. Finally she has become more independent.” Elvana

“Gethin’s strength has improved a lot, and he can now crawl, use a walker with support, high kneel without support and be more involved in transfers. His confidence has also improved massively. Footsteps is such a friendly and welcoming place and Gethin really looks forward to coming!” Nicola

“It is an enormous commitment but Oscar has all the time shown steady progress and recently learnt to walk.  Footsteps is the greatest gift we can give Oscar to help him on his life’s journey.”  Hazel

“Without Footsteps I have no idea what stage Melissa would be at.  This is a different sort of therapy centre, I see the physios giving a 1000% effort to rehabilitating each child as individuals. Melissa loves the ‘spider’ in particular because it gives her such independence which is something every 11 year old wants.” Maia

What the children say…

“Footsteps is the best therapy ever. It’s great! The ‘Spider’ is creative and helpful” Bea 

“When I first started at Footsteps I was walking with a walker, and then with sticks, and now, all thanks to Footsteps, I am walking a few steps by myself. Thank you for helping me reach my goal.” Emily

“I can now do the same things as my brother and sister. Before I came to your Centre I could not walk and when I left the Centre I could walk everywhere on my own. I am so grateful for all your help.” Emma-Grace