The equipment bank project

The equipment bank project was founded in response to the increasing costs of specialist equipment for disabled children. Special supportive shoes for example are key to developing mobility but they can cost three times as much as regular children’s shoes.

 ‘The annual costs of bringing up a disabled child are three times greater than those for a child who is not disabled’

(National Service Framework for Children)

Footsteps Foundation funds 50% of the cost of specialist equipment for Footsteps children to use at home. All of the equipment is used and recommended by the therapists at Footsteps, enabling the children to sustain any improvements made during their three-week sessions

Funded equipment includes:sm2

  • Airex exercise mats
  • Therapy benches
  • Physiotherapy balls
  • Tripod sticks
  • Rollators
  • Orthopaedic shoes

Suggested suppliers include:

For peanut balls, body and back support wedges

For steps, single lath platforms, cavity balls, poles & base, hoopla & solid rings

For Airex Hercules mats (IT037745)

For wheely stools and therapy benches

For Quadruped and Tripod sticks

For orthopaedic shoes

Families are encouraged to discuss individual recommendations with their child’s therapists. In order for Footsteps Foundation to fund pieces of equipment, it must have been approved by a member of staff beforehand.

To apply for funding towards specialist equipment, Footsteps families should complete the EQUIPMENT BANK REQUEST FORM 2020 and return it to Footsteps Foundation along with confirmation of the order.


Memo Shoes and Sandals


Memo shoes and sandals are used and recommended by our therapists at the Footsteps Centre. Where fundraising permits we offer a free pair of shoes each year to children attending at least one full therapy session at Footsteps Centre. The Equipment Bank project will fund 50% of the cost of additional pairs subject to annual limits. Please contact us to find out whether we have your child’s size in stock.

Once you have finished using or outgrown orthopedic shoes or physiotherapy equipment, please consider donating items to the Footsteps Foundation. We offer these to other families for a donation.