What We Do

Footsteps Foundation pays towards the costs of Footsteps therapy for those families that cannot afford it. The project funds between 15 and 80% of therapy costs, depending on household income.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for children and young adults affected by neurological disorders, enabling them to receive the intensive physiotherapy they need, regardless of whether their families can afford private treatment or not.

Footsteps therapy helps disabled children develop their physical abilities and helps increase their self-confidence.  The Family Grants project – whilst primarily benefiting disabled children – also has a significant impact on their parents and siblings by relieving financial strain on the family.  And, when a child can do more for themselves, that helps ease the pressure on daily family life.

If the Foundation did not exist, 60% of the families currently attending Footsteps would find the costs prohibitive. One parent says:

What the families say:

“Having a grant towards the costs has made attending Footsteps possible for us. Without the grant we would not have been able to afford to attend.”

“Sacrifices of time and work are worth it to be able to bring him to so many sessions a year which is financially possible with the grant.”

“It has helped hugely, we had some money raised for treatment and the grant has enabled that money to be stretched till next year. We were so pleased with the amount awarded, it has taken a lot of pressure off us!”