Join the programme

The Footsteps therapy programme is open to children and young adults who are affected by one of the following conditions – cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, genetic disorders, epilepsy, stroke, meningitis, global delays and undiagnosed conditions. We welcome babies to young adults.

To be accepted into the programme, all prospective children are required to have a consultation. During the consultation, which is conducted by one of our therapists, the needs and requirements of the patient are carefully assessed. The consultation takes approximately one hour and includes a physical assessment and designated time in the ‘Spider’. Consultations are conducted at no charge.

Whilst attending a consultation is preferable, we understand that this may be difficult for families living abroad. Therefore, we will accept film footage accompanied by a written description. Please contact the Footsteps Centre to discuss this further; please be aware that in some cases a consultation may still be required.

On acceptance, you will be able to book a three-week session at the Footsteps Centre. Children will have either two or three hours of therapy each day depending on the outcome of the consultation. Therapy sessions include at least one hour in the Spider and one hour on the mat.