The Footsteps Centre provides intensive physical therapy for babies and children up to the age of 18 who are affected by a number of conditions including cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, genetic disorders, epilepsy, stroke, meningitis, global delays and undiagnosed conditions.

Step one: Free consultation

At Footsteps, we offer therapy in three week blocks throughout the year which we believe is the optimum level of therapy for most children. We ask all prospective children to attend the Centre for a one hour free consultation, where a senior therapist will assess the needs and requirements of the child. The consultation will include a physical assessment and designated time in the ‘spider’.

Step two: Attending an intensive therapy session

Depending on the outcome of the consultation, families can book a three-week session at the Footsteps Centre. Children will have either one, two or three hours of therapy each day depending on the age and ability of each child, consisting of a mix of mat and ‘spider’ therapy.

Step three: After the session

Children benefit from a holistic approach to their rehabilitation and the therapists provide guidance and support both during the therapy session and on its completion.

At the end of a three week therapy session, parents are advised on how to maintain the progress of their child between therapy sessions. They are encouraged to take notes or film the exercises with the therapist so the children can continue to achieve their very best at home.


At Footsteps we use a variety of equipment to help with therapy and also to make the sessions fun for the children. We have standard physiotherapy equipment including peanut balls, rollers, treadmills, balls and trampolines. In addition we have the interactive HappyRehab and Treax pads.