Charity Ambassadors

Susan Twitchett

Susan has been a fantastic advocate of our charity for a number of years now. She has family members who benefit from Footsteps therapy and this has led to her enthusiastic support of our work. Susan wants all children to be able to benefit from the life-changing therapy in the same way that her family have and she has organised fundraising events and promoted our charity to introduce many new and valuable supporters to our work. Thanks Susan, for all that you do!

James Gesner

James has really taken Footsteps Foundation under his wing. When setting up James Gesner Estate Agents he was looking for a local charity to support. Once he had visited us, the father of four was very moved by the brave children at Footsteps and the hard work children and staff put into getting the best possible outcomes for children with neurological conditions. James has become a star fundraiser, organising a huge annual charity golf tournament and running the London marathon for Footsteps, raising significant sums each year. James you are a star! James plans to continue his support and as of the end of January 2019 he has raised an impressive £36,000 for our charity.

Rose Noordujin

Rose is originally from Holland but has lived in England now for 43 years. Rose is a very willing volunteer for our events and happily helps with what is needed. Her involvement at Footsteps has led her to convert part of her house into ‘Roses Studio’ which offers accommodation exclusively for Footsteps Families. Rose selflessly offers her time and now her home to others. Footstep Foundation are very appreciative of all that she does and becoming ambassador is well deserved recognition for Rose.