Why support us?

Every penny you raise will help children and young people affected by neuromotor disorders to reach their full potential and realise their dream. 80p in every £1 goes directly to pay for therapy and the other 20p pays for the charity costs.

mUlcjCy9u_ishS98fqE49HUuzQaL5P_7051lj7aX8j8The difference you make

Thanks to your support, Footsteps Foundation is helping children from all over the United Kingdom to access much-needed intensive therapy. Together we have helped disabled children to crawl. Together we have helped disabled children to sit up independently. Together we have helped disabled children take their first footsteps.

You make it possible for us to assist those families most in need. You make a difference to the lives of these families.

We couldn’t do it without you

We don’t receive any funding from the government so we depend wholly on public donations. With your support, we can fund a footstep and help begin a journey for disabled children in need of intensive physiotherapy.