“We could not ask for a better team of therapists and staff to be looking after us!  To our absolute joy and amazement Jacob started commando crawling during his second session and he also now walks 30 + steps in his walker. Something that we were told may never be possible. This has changed all of our lives and means he is now able to crawl about and play with his twin brother! The endless giggles they can now share are all with thanks to Footsteps giving him this amazing independence. We can’t thank you all enough xx.”Lucy Fletcher

“I would like to say how much Chloe has improved since we started coming to Footsteps. All the therapists that she has seen are very knowledgeable and extremely patient with her. We noticed that after her first visit she began to sit momentarily, unaided, she will now sit for longer periods on her own. Using the ‘Spider’ has given her a completely different outlook on life as she is normally either sitting in her wheelchair or flat on her back on the floor. When she is in the ‘Spider’ she stands tall and likes to look around. Without the help and support of the Footsteps Foundation we would not have been able to afford the treatment. On behalf of Chloe thank you everyone at Footsteps.”The Rundle Family

“Because Giacomo is wheelchair bound, it still amazes me how much the physical exercise brings on his cognitive abilities and his recall.  After every Footsteps session I take home a different child!”Antonella Morris

“We will always be eternally grateful to Footsteps. When Grace started she could not sit consistently, roll over, crawl or stand. Even her head control was poor. Through the hard work and fun activities the therapists managed to get her to sit, crawl, roll over and have reciprocal stepping movement. This meant she was eligible for SDR surgery in the USA and now she is able to walk with a frame and sticks. She no longer uses a powered wheelchair but instead, with the help of Footsteps therapists, she works towards a more independently mobile future.”Helen Windram


“We are so very grateful to Footsteps Foundation for accepting Molly to receive a grant towards her 1st years sessions, without this grant and the hard work from all the staff at Footsteps Molly would not be on the way to getting on her feet. We look forward to many more session blocks in years to come…Thank you all.”Rich, Becky and Molly

“We are fortunate to have had intensive physiotherapy for our daughter for the last 10 months in an exceptional physiotherapy environment with very experienced and professional physiotherapists. My daughter has made remarkable progress with her walking and general mobility. I am positive that this progress would never have been achieved without the therapist’s outstanding skill and hard work.”Estella Tomas

“Some amazing news…Sonny started walking completely on his own on holiday! It came totally out of the blue and surprised us all. He simply got up and walked out of the chalet. Please pass on our gratitude to Filip, Gosia, Beata and to the Foundation for making it financially possible for Sonny to have his therapy. I sincerely believe that Footsteps showed him the way & gave him the self-confidence to find his feet. This progress is life changing for him & I can’t thank you enough for making our dream come true.”Cathryn Higgins

“We’ve been involved with Footsteps for 3 years, since our little boy Toby contracted pneumoccocal meningitis which has left him, among other things, with cerebral palsy. The specialist physiotherapy provided by Footsteps is a hugely valuable complement to the service provided by local health professionals, allowing children to develop motor skills and reach their full potential; we have seen great improvements in Toby over this time, as we have also with others who attend. We are fortunate to have such an amazing resource in the village where we live.”Andy Kelly

“Before coming to Footsteps Molly found it very difficult to get around. She could not crawl, use a walking frame, climb stairs and she had very poor balance and core stability. Since coming to Footsteps Molly has achieved so much, she can now reciprocal crawl, sit cross-legged, get into, out of and walk in her frame without assistance and climb stairs on her knees to name a few!! We are amazed with Molly’s progress and highly recommend Footsteps and the therapy that they provide to anybody.”Becky Lamb

“Footsteps have been optimistic in Ollie being able to achieve more and it is really encouraging to be amongst such driven and positive staff who really believe that Ollie can progress. The team at Footsteps have helped us go in a new direction on our journey with Ollie and his obstacles.”Sian Taylor

What the children say…


“Footsteps is the best therapy ever. It’s great! The ‘Spider’ is creative and helpful.”Bea, 15 years old

“When I first started at Footsteps I was walking with a walker, and then with sticks, and now, all thanks to Footsteps, I am walking a few steps by myself. Thank you for helping me reach my goal.”Emily, 9 years old

“I played lots of games!”Amaan, 6 years old

“Thank you everyone, I feel so much stronger going home and can’t wait to come back again. I love Footsteps!”Lexi, 5 years old

“I like it at Footsteps, I don’t want to go home!”Jacob, 4 years old

“Thank you so much for everything. I can’t believe I can crawl now!”Grace, 4 years old