The ‘Spider’ is a series of elastic ropes attached to an open frame which creates a ‘spider’s web, holding each child in their perfect postural position and enabling them to practise balancing, crawling, kneeling and standing positions, whilst concentrating on essential movements such as supporting, reaching, grasping and holding.

Footsteps was set up in 2004 by Pip Hoyer Millar MBE, whose daughter Minty has cerebral palsy.

Pip was told by doctors that Minty would never walk independently and would have a limited quality of life. Not willing to accept this without attempting to find the best care possible, Minty’s family researched cutting edge therapies from around the world. After a global search for support, they found the unique ‘Spider’ apparatus being used for intensive therapy sessions in Poland. The therapy dramatically and rapidly improved Minty’s mobility, so Pip and two of Minty’s therapists, Filip and Gosia Swietlik brought the ‘Spider’ to the UK and set up the Footsteps therapy programme.

Having started out with two therapists working from Pip’s outbuilding, Footsteps has now become a nationally-renowned physiotherapy centre which has helped hundreds of children with varying conditions and needs.

Minty continues to have regular therapy at Footsteps and is now able to lead an active and independent life. In 2020, she walked 100k in a month, to raise funds for Footsteps Foundation! It is down to the determination of Minty and her therapists that she has grown into the inspirational young woman that she is today. Footsteps and Footsteps Foundation want every disabled child to have the same opportunities to progress and reach their full potential.

The Footsteps Centre specialises in the intensive rehabilitation of children and young adults with cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, epilepsy, other neurological and neuromotor disorders and undiagnosed conditions.

The Footsteps approach is intensive and child friendly, combining fun and games with traditional physiotherapy exercises.

We aim to enhance and improve the physical development of our patients, and often see a corresponding increase their cognitive abilities, confidence and independence. Patients will see tangible and sustainable results which will improve their quality of life and help them to reach their full potential.

Our well-skilled, diverse therapy team are trained in a variety of physiotherapy techniques including Bobath and PNF. The Footsteps therapy programme incorporates traditional mat exercises with a variety of equipment including balls, rollers, trampolines and ladders to facilitate therapy.

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