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How to get involved

Like all small charities, we have to work really hard to raise the money we need each year.

One really important thing you could do to help would be to set up a regular donation to Footsteps Foundation. Regular donations help with our financial planning and form a financial bedrock for our work with disabled children.

There are plenty of other useful ways you can help too:

  • Get your child’s school to hold a fundraising day or choose Footsteps Foundation as their partner charity for a year.
  • Join our mailing list and link with us on social media to keep informed about the charity and Footsteps children’s achievements.
  • Ask at your workplace if they would support us as a Charity of the Year or match-fund an event.
  • Get some friends or colleagues together to do a sponsored challenge such as a bike race, a hike or a running event.
  • Spread the word about Footsteps & the Foundation – you never know a child that needs specialist therapy may never have heard of us!
  • Why not call us on 01865 343851 for a chat, or email with your fundraising ideas? We can provide lots of advice, links to organised challenge events as well as Footsteps Foundation posters, balloons, t-shirts, stickers and wristbands.

We even have a special 2017 Charity Introduction Pack you can download and print if you want to tell friends and colleagues about our work.

Where will fund-raised money go?

Here we show you where the fund-raised money goes. £4,950 funds an entire year of life-changing therapy!

Explore our fund-raising ideas here...

Where will fund-raised money go?

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