As we are fast approaching Christmas and nearing the end of another year, we are proud of the hard work and resilience of the children attending Footsteps along with the dedicated therapist providing the therapy sessions.

It is a joy to see the children improving and getting stronger and becoming more mobile.

Olivia's journey...

Meet Olivia who is 2 year sold and has been coming to Footsteps since December 2021.  She hopes to come 2-3 times each year.

Olivia was diagnosed with 1p36 chromosome deletion syndrome.  She has global developmental delays, hearing loss, a visual impairment, heart condition, epilepsy and low muscles tone.  Olivia struggles significantly with her head control.  SHe has the ability to use all of her limbs, however she struggles significantly due to her learning disabilities and low muscle tone.

Mum Aimee tells us about her experience coming to Footsteps.

"Olivia's abilities have improved significantly since attending footsteps, she is significantly stronger and has a better idea of what is being asked of her.  She is more accepting of therapy and sometimes she even smiles whilst actively participating.

What do the physios at Footsteps work on?

“Olivia’s primary problems are her low tone and her understanding of her body and how it works.

The therapists at Footsteps, work with Olivia to teach her why she needs to move in specific ways, and show me ways of continuing her learning at home.”

What Olivia enjoys

“Olivia enjoys standing and being upright, she worked very well in the 'spider' and on the Galileo.

Olivia shows that she is very proud of herself when she settles into movements and feels confident.”

Future hopes for Olivia – “My dream for Olivia is for her to have some independence; For her to be able to play unaided and have enough mobility to live her BEST LIFE.”

“There are so many reasons why we highly recommend and keep coming back to Footsteps. Footsteps doesn’t just support Olivia, but the team teach me how to help Olivia to progress at home between visits. They make me feel that the hard work we are putting in at home is paying off and is worthwhile.”

Well done Olivia on all your hard work & mum Aimee’s terrific support.

Have a wonderful Christmas Olivia and family.

Footsteps Centre News

We have a new physiotherapist at Footsteps. Akshata joined us in November and is currently busy completing her training on the ‘spider’. She brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the Team and we are pleased to have her with us.

Most of the therapy team have now completed the Introductory Level A DMI Course and they plan to do the Level B Course next year. We are excited to be able to offer this innovative therapy at Footsteps.

For more information about session availability in 2023 please email the Centre Manager, Kirsty on

How Footsteps Foundation Supports Footsteps Families

Apply for a Family Grant

If you would like to apply for a Family Grant for 2023 please click on the link below to take you to the application.

Please note that if your household income is under £75,000 you would be eligible for a grant.


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