Footsteps Dad attempts Channel Swim

Aiden with dad James

Footsteps dad James Howard of Wantage, Oxfordshire will be attempting a 40km open-water swim across the English Channel – the busiest shipping lanes in the world. With a strong current the swim could take anything up to 16+ hours, and in water not much above 15 degrees.

James’ son Aiden attends the Footsteps Centre twice a week and the improvements that James and his wife Lucy have seen have been beyond their expectations “For nearly a year now, they have been working relentlessly with Aiden and already the results are nothing short of miraculous. He can sit unaided for a long time (albeit with lots of pillows around him), he has shown interest in ‘commando’ crawling, stands propped up, and has even shown signs of wanting to walk.”

James will be attempting the channel swim to raise money for Footsteps Foundation who have helped to support Aiden’s therapy sessions, “They gave us hope where there was none, and I want them to continue their excellent work so that other families can be given the same chance we were.”

James is currently looking for corporate sponsorship to cover the cost of the support boat, anyone interested in supporting please visit

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