This challenge is more than a one off event – it’s a journey you won’t forget…

Taking place on the 25th-26th May, you could be walking, running, or jogging 100km with the beautiful Brighton coast in view.

However you decide to tackle the London 2 Brighton Challenge it will be a definitive, but achievable, test of endurance and determination. It will be a challenge guaranteed to bring in sponsorship for Footsteps Foundation, helping disabled children nationwide to access the Footsteps intensive physiotherapy programme.

For further information, please visit http://www.london2brightonchallenge.com/ where you can sign up and choose to support Footsteps Foundation.


It starts with a training regime some months beforehand, through to the anticipation and excitement at the start line, and after a long night on weary limbs, with the Brighton Coast in view, celebrating the overwhelming sense of achievement. It finishes when you’ve had time to reflect on what that achievement really means to you, and where the next challenge lies. Whether your ambition is to complete the distance in 10 or 30 hours, the year for re-defining personal goals is 2013. The challenge is London to Brighton!

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